Tenzi Professional 

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  • Rubber and plastic protection Product contain in one sprayer: 600ml Innovative product designed for strengthening plastic and rubber surfaces.Unique formula based on quartz creates a long-lasting hydrophobic coating. Protects the surface from moisture, salt and bad atmospheric conditions.Hinders dirt settling and enhances colour.

    27,50 €
  • Bleeding rim Product contain in one sprayer: 1L Ready to use, neutral pH product, designed for removing metallic impurities from car paint and wheel rims.

    15,70 €
  • Ready to use window cleaner.Does not leave any stains and guarantees perfect transparency.Refreshes the surface and leaves a pleasant aroma.Very efficient. Recommended for daily cleaning.

    4,40 €
  • PC-1 Premium Ceramic Wax Ready to use product enriched by Carnauba wax, designed for nurturing and strengthening all kinds of car paint and provides an additional polishing effect. Protects car paint from slight mechanical damage, provides hydrophobic effect, enhances car paint quality and neutralizes any imperfections.

    29,30 €
  • P14Si Quartz Permanent Effective and easy to use product, that lusters and secures the polymer-based car bodies. Protects car paint from weather, UV rays and reduces the risk of scratches. Gives long-lasting luster effect and leaves slippery hydrophobic coating.

    27,60 €
  • R1 - Rim Ceramic quartz proteciton Unique product designed for using on wheel rims. Its formula guarantees polish and hydrophobic effects, long-lasting protection from brake-blocks dust, dirt settling and harmful atmospheric conditions. It creates an additional protective layer which provides durability and resistibility from stone impacts and slight...

    66,20 €
  • Q7 Crystal - Ceramic protection for car paint Very effective product, providing perfect appearance and protection of the car paint. It creates a super-hydrophobic coating that immediately drains the water from the car paint and leaves no water stains.

    66,20 €
  • Q10 Flexi - Ceramic protection for car paint Innovative, oligomer prepolymer Si14O2 based product, providing perfect appearance and protection of the car paint. It creates a super-hydrophobic and elastic coating that is very resistant to any damage. Q10 is guaranteed to give you a long-lasting and durable protection from atmospheric conditions and...

    88,90 €
  • IPA Cleaner - Degreasing car paint, windows and wheel rims „Mist&wipe” type of product designed for removing slight dirt such as dust. Provides transparency to cleaned surfaces.

    5,80 €
  • Gum Extra GT - Preserving and polishing rubber and plastic elements Ready to use, very efficient product, designed for preserving and polishing surfaces and products made from rubber or plastic. Provides long-term protection from various stains and streaks to rubber elements such as tires, bumpers, gaskets etc.

    16,00 €
  • RLS - Glass and car paint protection Innovative product, based on silicon-ceramic technology, designed for renewing quartz-ceramic coatings. Guarantees high hydrophobic properties and protection from harmful atmospheric conditions. Provides a “super slip” effect. Thanks to the simple and fast application, product is ideal for people who are in a hurry.

    40,20 €
  • Mosquitos - Insect Remover Ready to use product designed for removing insect remains and other impurities of organic origin from windows and car bodies. Recommended for thorough cleaning vehicles after returning from the trip in spring, summer or autumn.

    6,60 €
  • Boat Cleaner - Boat and yacht cleaner Ready to use product, designed for periodic cleaning of the boat and yacht hulls. Effectively removes limescale, mineral discolourations, rust and exploitative dirt. Recommended for using after pulling out the boat from the water.

    15,90 €
  • TopEfekt® PUNKT - Spot cleaning Ready to use product, based on natural dissolvents and alcohols, designed for spot cleaning marker stains, bubble gum, glue from stickers, bituminous masses, rubber tracks on floors, plasticine and paraffin from carpets. Warning: dissolves rubber surfaces and soft plastic.

    45,80 €