Wheels and rims 

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Products specifically designed to take care and maintain your wheels and tyre, metal wheel or alloy wheels.

  • Liquid contained in a spray bottle: 710ml

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  • R1 - Rim Ceramic quartz proteciton Unique product designed for using on wheel rims. Its formula guarantees polish and hydrophobic effects, long-lasting protection from brake-blocks dust, dirt settling and harmful atmospheric conditions. It creates an additional protective layer which provides durability and resistibility from stone impacts and slight...

    66,20 €
  • Gum Extra GT - Preserving and polishing rubber and plastic elements Ready to use, very efficient product, designed for preserving and polishing surfaces and products made from rubber or plastic. Provides long-term protection from various stains and streaks to rubber elements such as tires, bumpers, gaskets etc.

    16,00 €
  • Long-lasting ultra-glossy effect Deep and lasting black It does not stick, does not stain and does not attract dust or insects It protects from atmospheric agents and from aging caused by sun exposure and UV rays Available size: 0,5L - 5L - 10L - 25L

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  • It removes stubborn dirt such as: iron, rust, tar, minerals, limestone, saltiness It removes efficiently oxidation or brake lining traces.  It gives a perfect shiny result on: rims, exhaust pipes and aluminum and stainless steel parts. Available size: 0,5L - 5L - 10L - 25L

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  • It removes ferrous particles  It does not contain acid and soda It grants brilliant, decontaminated and protected surfaces It reduces the surface porosity Available sizes: 0,5L - 5L - 10L - 25L 

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  • It removes tar, resins, glue, stickers from the car body paint, glass windows and wheels Rapid action Available sizes: 0,5L -5L - 25L

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  • It perfectly adheres to any type of tire Shiny or matt finish Long lasting deep black finish Water-repellent Protect from atmospheric agents and UV rays Available size: 0,5L - 5L - 10L - 25L

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