• Specific decontaminant for glass and metal It prepare the surface from the application of our DettaglioAuto nanotechnologic product for glasses: It removes traces of fat, iron residues, resin and limestone

    46,80 €
  • It renovates and protects interior and exterior plastics, vinyls and ABS surfaces Glossed effect and color depth for a bright and shiny finish Long lasting protection from UV rays Excellent fragrance.

    From 8,20 €
  • It removes pastes, oil and grease residuals that are left on the car paint after polishing It prepares the surface for the nano-ceramic or wax protection SIze: 0,5L.

    10,80 €
  • It removes ferrous particles  It does not contain acid and soda It grants brilliant, decontaminated and protected surfaces It reduces the surface porosity Available sizes: 0,5L - 5L - 10L - 25L 

    From 16,60 €
  • Product for all the car interior textile surfaces and also for the textile hood Hydrophobic and oleophobic film It slows down the normal aging process Protect against atmospheric agents and pollution

    167,00 €
  • It removes stubborn dirt such as: iron, rust, tar, minerals, limestone, saltiness It removes efficiently oxidation or brake lining traces.  It gives a perfect shiny result on: rims, exhaust pipes and aluminum and stainless steel parts. Available size: 0,5L - 5L - 10L - 25L

    From 7,50 €
  • super-protective wax, it is water-repellent and it guarantees high resistance. glossy effect and it protects the car body against atmospheric agents, UV rays, polluting substances, resins, bird excrements Nurihes ad renovates the surface, giving a shiny effect

    46,90 €

  • No products at this time.

Bio detergents

  • PERFUMED ECOLOGICAL CLEANER FOR CAR INTERNALS DILUTION With steam application= 5%. If the detergent of the steam equipment is of 5 liter capacity  the dilution will be 4750ml of water with 250ml of product. 5 Liters tank. Biodegrability > 90%.

    From 64,00 €
  • PRE-WASH RESIN-INSECT REMOVER. Use pure. Biodegradation> 90%. 

    From 54,00 €
  • Essenza DettaglioAuto. Avalaible in: 30ml spray bottle, 0.75L bottle, 5L tank If you buy 24 or more pieces of the spray bottle the counter display is supplied free of charge. Deodorizes the environment, leaving a pleasant fragrance free of allergens. The contained substances except for the perfume are rapidly biodegradable according to OECD 301 or...

    From 5,00 €
  • Counter display with 12 holes for Essenza DettaglioAuto 30ml spray bottle. If you buy 24 or more pieces of Essenza DettaglioAuto 30ml spray bottle the Counter display is supplied free of charge.

    17,50 €




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