• Equipment

    Equipment for car detail steam cleaning: steam and vacuum cleaning equipment, wet & dry cleaners, ozone generators, polishing machines, accessories and products.

    Our exclusive 09EVO line of steam equipment consists of 3 models:

    Model 09EVO-Junior 220V - 6 bar (continuous steam, detergents injection adjustable functions)

    Model 09EVO 220Volts - 8 bar (continuous steam, hydro-jet and detergents injection adjustable functions)

    Modello 09EVO-Senior 380Volts - 10bar (continuous steam, hydro-jet and detergents injection adjustable functions)

    This line is offered with the steam and vacuum accessories or with recommended and completed STATER-KITS which include everything is needed to do the DETTAGLIOAUTO services which are taugth at our training courses.

  • Machine's accessories

    In this category you will find all the accessories for the steam and / or vacuum machines.

  • Biodegradable Cleaners

    Highly biodegradable detergents and cleaners.

    Particularly studied to be used in combination with the steam, respecting the environment. The DettaglioAuto cleaners are highly biodegradable and non-allergenic according to the OECD TEST 301 A-F. For more information see our online catalog.

  • Car Body Decontamination

    Products for decontaminating the car body from iron, rust, smog, pollution, tar...

  • Car cosmetics

    Advanced cosmetics, car protection and car care products.

  • Protections

    Products specifically designed to protect and take car of your car paint and other components

  • Microfiber cloths

    Microfiber cloths to clean both exterior and interior of car without any risk. Any surface can be cleaned with microfibre surface.

  • Sponges and applicators
  • Brushes

    The new line of brushes specifically designed for detail steam cleaning is of such great practicality and efficacy that IMEX SERVE is proud to introduce  to all the professional car detailers.

  • Pressure sprayers
  • Hand sprayers
  • swabs

    Swabs for detailed and thorough cleaning, for getting in the corners or in the narrowest parts for a cleaning without comparison.

  • Machine spare parts

    In this category you will find all parts for the steam and / or vacuum machines.

  • Secondhand equipments