• Steam and vacuum cleaners

    Steam and vacuum cleaners equipment to completely clean cars.

  • Starter Kit

    The recommended packages contain all the material necessary for the performance of the DETAAGLIOAUTO services that are taught in our training course. The choice of machinery depends on the amount of services that is expected and the type of prevalent use, whether mobile or fixed premises (workshops). All three models are good for fixed locations but only the 09EVO-JUNIOR and 09EVO are ideal for mobile services.

    Each machine is offered in 3 packages: BASE, SILVER and GOLD.

    SILVER differs from BASE as it has a dedicated professional steam hose with gun to clean car exteriors, a wider range of biodegradable detergents, specific brushes, microfibre cloths and professional sprayers.

    GOLD differs from SILVER because it has the LED light on both steam hoses, the ozone generator, Rupes rotary-orbital polishing machine and a wider range of biodegradable detergents, specific brushes, microfibre cloths, professional sprayers , of decontamination and cosmetic products.

    By clicking on the packages you can see the differences in detail.

    THE CONFIGURATOR allows you to customize your KIT according to your needs.

  • Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaners

    Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaners of various dimensions and power.

  • Polishing Machines

    Roto-orbital polishing machines for professional use and high level car detailing.

  • Secondhand equipments


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Equipment for car detail steam cleaning: steam and vacuum cleaning equipment, wet & dry cleaners, ozone generators, polishing machines, accessories and products.

Our exclusive 09EVO line of steam equipment consists of 3 models:

Model 09EVO-Junior 220V - 6 bar (continuous steam, detergents injection adjustable functions)

Model 09EVO 220Volts - 8 bar (continuous steam, hydro-jet and detergents injection adjustable functions)

Modello 09EVO-Senior 380Volts - 10bar (continuous steam, hydro-jet and detergents injection adjustable functions)

This line is offered with the steam and vacuum accessories or with recommended and completed STATER-KITS which include everything is needed to do the DETTAGLIOAUTO services which are taugth at our training courses.