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FAQ1: What’s DettaglioAuto?

FAQ2: Does the steam ruin the surface?

FAQ3: Which is the difference between a car wash service and a DettaglioAuto service?

FAQ4: What does Auto renovation mean?

FAQ5: Whom does DettaglioAuto refer to?

FAQ6: How and why take part in training courses?

FAQ7: How frequently do the training course take place?

FAQ8: Is it possible to personalize the training courses?

FAQ9: Which equipment do you need

FAQ10: Is it possible to see a demo?

FAQ11: How to buy?

FAQ12: Which are the payment terms?

FAQ13: Which is the estimated delivery time?

FAQ14: How does the post-sale assistance work?

FAQ15: Is an electrical power generator really necessary?

FAQ16: Do you need to use some products to use with the steam?

FAQ17: The steam temperature


What’s DettaglioAuto?

DettaglioAuto is an Im.Ex. Serve’s registered trademark and it represents the supplying division of equipments, products, formation courses and services for car care. The idea was born in 2008 as a new ecologic concept of car detail cleaning, using the steam power to clean cars, respecting the environment, reducing the waste of water without using aggressive chemical products.

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Does the steam ruin the surfaces?

The steam doesn’t ruin the surfaces if it is used with the right technique and caution. It should be said that there is no car wash system that guarantees ‘no scratches’, the steam cleaning done with the correct technique and with specific products DA is the less invasive.

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Which is the difference between a car wash service and a DettaglioAuto service?


Dettaglioauto isn’t in competition with other carwash system because it isn’t a carwash.

Dettaglioauto is a detailed cleaning service and renovation service of both outside and inside of your vehicle. The purpose is to keep the vehicle always in good conditions as the time goes on. To enjoy its use and at the same time to maintain high its values on the market.

In addition, with the DetailAuto procedure protocol taught to the formation course it is possible to carry out a certified auto interior sanitation. Our method has been tested by an accredited body that has verified the effectiveness of the reduction of the microbial load measured before and after treatment. (To know more)

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What does Auto renovation mean?

According to DettaglioAuto’s idea, renovation means to offer services that aim to sanitize and rejuvenate both the exterior and the interior of the car. In order to achieve this purpose is necessary to follow the precise working steps, using specific products in addition to the steam.

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Whom does DettaglioAuto refer to?

DettaglioAuto refers to privates and companies operating in the automotive business, those who have the possibility to keep the customer’s car for services of different kinds (servicing, tires change, windshield replacement, repairs, dealers, restores of vintage cars).

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How and why take part in training courses?

To acquire the right techniques of execution through the using of specific equipments and product, let you start with the right step, avoiding mistakes and it guarantees you the customer’s satisfaction since the first service. That’s why DA provides training courses with the release of the Diploma. Improvisation and approximation in this sector are not permitted.

DettaglioAuto is a growing family, who is interested to know more about how to join us can call the following Im.Ex Serve telephone number: 0298232433

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How frequently do the training course take place?

The most requested course is the Advanced of 3 days and generally there is one session every month, sometimes there could be 2 sessions every month but it depends on the number of participation requests.


Is it possible to personalize the training course?

In the page: “training course” are shown the available courses. For the beginners we suggest to start with our Advanced course of 3 days or the Intermediate one (Interior and Exterior) of 2 days, and then, in a second moment, take part in more specific courses. It’s better to proceed step by step, because to become DettaglioAuto professionist is required a complete preparation, dedication and experience in the field.

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Which equipment is necessary?

For beginners Dettaglioauto offers starter-kits which include everything needed to perform these services. On our online shop you can find the kits and eventually they can be personalized on your requirement.

This is the starting point for those who would like to start making these professional services in the shortest time.

There are 3 kit categories:

Only interiors

Only exteriors

Interior and exterior

The best selling one is the Interior and Exterior Kit with the 09EVO.

According to the type of service that you want to offer to your customer you can select the most ideal KIT. While the 09EVO and 09EVO-Junior equipment are more ideal for mobile services, the 09EVO-SENIOR is for fix working location.

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Is it possible to see a demo?

Of course! the best thing to do is to schedule an appointment in our head office, or we can organize a demonstration in your head office through one of our Graduates.

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How to buy?

Our staff is available to help you understanding which is the most suitable kit, equipment and training course, according to your needs. After that, the purchase can be performed in two ways:

sending a quotation via email

through our online shop

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Which are the payment terms?

The payment can be done in one of the following way;

Bank transfer

Credit card


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Which is the estimated delivery time?

2-3 working days upon received of the order and payment.

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How does the post-selling assistance work?

The phone assistance is free for every customer.

A mobile phone for urgent support is available also to send immediate photos and videos via Whatsapp.

At the first contact we try to locate the type of problem, for example if it concerns one of the following subject:

technical support in the execution of a service regarding the correct procedures, particular situations and surfaces to treat

support during the use of both products and equipment.

technical assistance concerning the equipment maintenance.

technical assistance concerning faults and malfunctions.

The phone support type A) is available for free only for the Graduates DettaglioAuto.

The majority of the problems are solved through phone support or sending spare parts. If it’s necessary to get back the machine for the service/repair we can provide a spare machine for the time required on customer’s request.

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Is the electrical power generator required?

It is not necessary, but we suggest to evaluate its purchase in a second stage.

Who does mobile services to companies or privates can easily find an single phase electric outlets to connect. In the case you can establish an agreement with a customer that can give a constant number of cars to service in a shop with electric outlet facility there is no need to buy a power generator.

On the contrary, if you know since the beginning that you have to work in a place without any electric outlets facility, then the purchase of an electrical power generator is a must.

The recommended power generator should be the one with a capacity of 5 Kw.

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do you need some products to use with the steam?

Yes! On this purpose we have realized a specific line of rapidly biodegradable and non-allergenic products.

We use 2 products that must be diluted and sprayed with steam:

-SWS-LVC to wash the car exteriors.

-ecological cleaner for the car interiors, to wash and sanitize with steam and vacuum.

There are also other specific products to spray with your hands as pre-wash.

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The steam temperature

The steam temperature follows some simple rules in our steam equipment. Actually we all know, since our childhood, that water boils at 100°C, on the sea level. When we talk about higher temperature (over 100°C) it means that we are talking about temperatures inside of closed containers, like boilers.

The steam inside of a closed container (boiler) follows some physics basic rules showed in a simple wikipedia’s chart:

Pressure (bar)



















Temperature (°C)



















Here the specific page:

Thanks to this chart we notice a relation between pressure and temperature. For this reason a 6 bar machine like our 09 EVO Junior, will have a boiler temperature of 159°C.

A machine like our 09EVO has a 8 bar pressure and a boiler temperature of 171°C.

Our 09EVO Senior has a 10 bar pressure and a boiler temperature of 180°C.

With some machines we decided to round off the temperature and specify on the display:180°C, just to let the user know that the machine is ready to be used.